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100 Thoughts - Life, Politics, Science and Religion

by T. M. Akashi

This book is unlike any other that you have read. It is a book that attempts to create a foundation for building a better world. By presenting thoughts on life, politics, science, and religion, it is my hope that the reader will be better able to understand this confusing thing we call life.
Contained within are answers to the big three questions: “Where Do We Come From?,” Why Are We Here?,” and “What Happens When We Die?” In addition are a multitude of other thoughts on issues that confront us today and, hopefully, they direct us to a more peaceful future.
In some ways, this book can be used as a reference book where you only read about specific topics. In other ways, you can read it like a story about power and greed. In many ways, it is like a series of web pages that link information.

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